Queen - People On Streets (Album 2011)

1.We Will Rock You 'Reprise' (by Kacio)
2.A Kind Of Magic 'It's Magic' (by Kacio)
3.Play The Game 'Acoustic' (by Kacio)
4.Sheer Heart Attack (by Kacio)
5.Somebody To Love 'Philharmonic Mix' (by Kacio)
6.Another One Bites The Dust 'Instrumental Mix Without Bass' (by Kacio)
7.Hammer To Fall (by Kacio)
8.One Vision (by Kacio)
9.I Want To Break Free (by Kacio)
10.Under Pressure 'Philharmonic Mix' (by Kacio)
11.Dragon Rock Attack ( by Kacio)

MP3 (320 kb/s) via Mediafire

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